Art has a big root in computer development

The ideas within mind

 In the world there many types of language those types are created by art , if you walk from one place to another ,luckily you think directly in your head that will be known as art , art has the ability to connect vocabulary and create the real results of something designed . Most of the time we use art in the good production of computer components , because art evokes expressions with positive thoughts and vocabulary made through dreams in the human mind .

Many dreamers in the world their ideas are guided by the art industry that creates creativity and give the right vision in society or the world, for example if you create new programming languages , the ideas that you will use to create come from a dream made with the power of art .And many natural dreams often come with a true vision . Every idea made by the power of art is valid because it is made up of emotional vocabulary that evokes the whole mechanism of the real thing being talked about .

Art does a great job in stimulating ideas and raising them to a higher level through practical experiments that discover the right theory and the right action of invented art .

Everything begins to be created through creativity within the mind , the development of computers has been progressing very fast because of the presence of many features produced through art creativity.

Therefore the root of art has been raising many scientific things that have been created through creativity within dreams . The scope of our ideas stimulates many things in the development of computer , ideas are like assets because they create something better with great value in human life .


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