Human codes are delivered from words

 The cortex of the head 

It is made up of a lot of code like star in the sky 

With sufficient decisions

In adjusting the entire body system

Each substance is made up of intellectual code 

The backbone 

It's similar to the software that connect information

Human code 

They allow publishing fast 

Without delay 

It's system is very stressful

Human code is a mystery

Giving diamonds to the weak 

And clever they get over 

And imitate the same things 

Like modern robots 

Whatever we pronounce correctly

It is a mind code that goes around and give the border of the matter

All body is dominated by mental code 

That are moving 

The beginning and end of the matter


The trees also has an example of a simple code 

And that's the first to eat before the other things .

Expression about human code

By Mtemwapoetry .

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