A filled sound has the power to transmit motion in its own position

 A wave of sound walking 

Fills the vacant positions

And put everything in its quality

A sound that attract people

Meaning honey is so much 

Loved by many people

It is a voice of dedication

In making a fresh rice field 

Has regular attention 

To ensure the rice field is well underway 

The staff receives it with joy

On all sides of the area 

Water is flowing in abundance

Filling pools and pools 

The sound is moving itself

All parts to bring a great yields 

Water does not break 

Because the water sky is filled with sound 

Implementing a rice field 

This is a motion that fills itself 

A sound system that uses a large language type ,

That's why the tide of water fills itself with the water being flowing ,

In the ocean , people pass through water 

Again with joy and joy 

Their voice is filled with air 

Crawling in the water and making people cut it easy ,

When they return to their home .

Meaning of filled sound

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