Oral literature play a vital role in development

Learning and discussion

Literature play a big important factors in development of youths , in literature there are many branches which help us to improve our lives and the way we interact with the world.

When we use oral literature , we share common ideas and creativity , thus why we can say that literature is a giant device for sharpening people's mind .

Any thing that you create through picture in your mind , it is an art , an art can emerge scientific theory and truth about the universe , because all secret of science is within art .

Oral literature has a vital components which can speed up the rate of thinking in your mind and the rate of  reaction of thoughts that you generate in your mind .

A discussion is the only biggest method that oral literature use to transmit ideas from one person to the next , so there is a big chance of understanding things without using much force or cost .That is why it is likely used by more people in the universal world .

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