The appearance of a person

 Many studies are being conducted and showing that appearance contributes greatly to the development of anyone in the world. Appearance can make you love many people even if you don't have money , this will lead you to get more properties through just your appearance.

Good looks have the power to influence people and make you look valuable in everything you do in the world.

A good look is a mirror that is looked at by many people on a variety of grounds  , there is one philosopher who said good looks are the attraction most , good looks are rich .Even those who look bad have a great chance to surprise the world, because every human appearance has value in the world no matter how bad it is .

And every human appearance has unique gifts that are challenging , challenge exist for everyone , by quoting Michael mussa poetry said that " challenge is everyone's awards in the world that God gives to humans in order to achieve their lives with greater clarity and stability.

Every human appearance was created in many respects , and every human appearance has valuable content in society to bring about sustainable development in the world .

Therefore appearance is of great value to our daily development. 

Appearance of a person has great value to increase development .

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