World orientation in the years to come

 The world has changed

And incorporate other times of the world

Science has grown broadly with branches

The world is heading towards another world altogether.

How will the young minds grow ?

The  power of these people will be very small 

And the world will be headed in a strange light ,

Brother! do not bother reading 

So that you do not suffer from a world disasters 

Tragedy it self is a great light for knowledge

The calculations will be made on the power of words only .

And the power of code will be created only by sound

Do not sleep in the field in search of knowledge

Meaning laziness is poverty 

The voice of people will be moving to a higher career 

For his professionalism is great 

Make away sleep deprivation

Strive to fight it to achieve tommorow 

Clever people will greatly discover the things of the knowledge,

Raise your eyes now to be present in a group of professional in the world.

A new age of science is coming soon 

These words are numerical 

Wear your professional jacket to work 

In order to send the world somewhere

A great writer has seen 

Again to the inner eye 

Wake up now to receive the most knowledgeable professional in the world.

The age of science

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