Fundamental requirement for improving our technological development and science in general

Technological tool and development
Science has been grown slowly in the past decade . As the day tend increasingly there is full of innovation of new ideas that is sharped through philosophy of mind . As we can see now there a lot of devices , ideas that keep on increasingly life of people and the human environment .

Philosophy of mind and innovation are playing a great role in sharping our lives as intended . If you think that technology will slow down , You're wrong . Technology will not slow down in terms of it's efficiency and energy , it will keep increasingly , A lot of people who suggest that the rise of Al will kill SEO , but this is not truly true , SEO will continue to be the best , Al will need more time to reach the power of SEO .

As we continue learning and sharping our skill, I thought we could be at a better position of keeping our tool and ideas more efficient . Technology is always a perfect tool which does not retard backward , the graph of technology is often straight line graph .If you try to check the past few decade you could observe that technology never fail in term of development , because it has efficiency motion which move more fluently .

Writers and innovators are needed much in drawing a technical ideas that could illustrate the world on a better line . And so writers and innovators are needed much to scale up the way with a better desired goals .I learnt much about how writers and innovators are trying to Sharpe the way of our lives .

Practical experiments, as the time go , we need much practical ideas to improve our skills , so we can emerges success through our practical skills . Learners and professors should collaborate together to improve the ability of learners , in order to increase more power that could develop new ideas required to update the universal world .

Learning is the best idea that will maintain our power of technology for more decade .


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