The power of AI in health and education issues

 AI has been the most relevant technology in all universal issues .It has included all universal phenomenas, for example AI is mostly used now in field like health , learning ,climate condition and etc. So , this age of AI has become the most important technology in all field around the world . The world has become occupied by AI , People use AI in hospital during generating various data for victims and measuring the intensity of biological medicine during performing or conducting biological experiment in the laboratory .

AI was discovered in the past decade by various scientists in the world , but now has become the most popular technology , around 67 % in the world use AI in their daily activities , for example in learning students use AI to develop ideas and to speed up the rate of thinking by increasing high perception and insights in a very few minutes .

In hospital , AI has been used in solving and checking body illness , good enough , AI is very accurate in providing real accurate data of a certain objects , that is why most of people have rely on AI .

 The  rate of AI is increasing daily , since most of users have appreciated AI , for example nurses , doctors and pharmacist use AI to check the validity and portability of medicine if they can be used for treatment and healing purposes .Also AI has been used in determining the half life of medicine for a certain period of time in order to ensure accurate data for users .

In education ,most bloggers , writers , teachers have rely on AI to simplify their works for a short period of time , that is how AI is continuing sharping our lives . But the most important factors we need to know is that we need much effort and energy to learn more  about AI and the way how we can control in the coming years . Because these will help us to avoid the loss of jobs of most workers by maintaining good relationship between rich and poor people .

In economy , AI will reduce the accessibility of most workers in the company , this will lead to loss of jobs and the flow of money will be limited and the only people that will benefit is only rich people. Poor people will be in danger of lacking money and so the rate of poverty to the poor people  will increase much than normal. So , the only solution that we need to have is to increase much effort in balancing and discovering new technical ideas that could help in controlling the speed of AI against poverty .

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