AI tends to change the lives we live in our present century

AI is about to change the live we live

 AI is a technology that has spread rapidly, innovators are increasingly increasing efficiency in various areas of technology. Currently there are many robots being developed using modern technology. So we expect that in the next few years , robots will replace human work especially in matters of education, agriculture and animal husbandry, robots will be working in all these areas .

Robots will reduce jobs that use a lot of energy for humans , so they will reduce diseases and diseases caused by various human functions .

Robots will help reduce the climate change disasters these days there so many disasters that even human fail to prevent , by using a robot we will be able to prevent the climate changes that are affecting us day by day .

Robots will increase the efficiency of working on the third party system, so they will help save a lot of time in various systems work .

Some companies are trying to innovate a robot that will runs plans and activities as human being, this will lead to a decrease in employment because all jobs will be replaced with by the robot.

There are many types of robots that currently exist , there are those that use the sensor and there are others that use remote , all of these will be further improved by experts to ensure that they are used properly .

We still need a lot of time to learn more about this new technology how young people will use it to sharpen their current and future lives .

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