Can open __source AI improve our technology?

Studying open source AI

 Open__source artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology system that can be used by everyone for their own benefits. Open__source AI has expanded and been used by everyone in the world, this indicates how open__source AI works to improve technology, for example TensorFlow , pyTorch ,keras ,and open CV have been used a lot in various companies in the world.

Open __source AI has continued to help develop the talents of programmers and developers , this is because of the great interaction of people in various composition systems .

Open __source AI has made big companies creat other AI tools for themselves. This shows that in the coming years it will be used by everyone even if they don't know coding it will force them to know more clearly.

It helps people learn many things and make their own things . This development of open__source AI expands education and the origins of many inventions in the world.

Open__source AI has expanded the gateway for people to get a good concept and a better community of professionals with the same qualifications .This has helped increase the workforce in the development of technology.

Open_source AI is an excellent concept that will continue to incorporate a new community of professionals through its origins .

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