Five things that could help us understand the future world development.

Factor that we need to have in world development journey

 Every point and second the world is changing , it is like the movement of particle in air , the way we are now , tomorrow it will be another world in every system of life . When you wake up at morning you  see little changes in your growth and the way you are , also the world is changing in terms of technology , science , culture and the whole philosophy of the world .

Do you think what will help us to know the future ? First of all science is among factor that could help us to know our future life .

As science and technology changes , it changes the whole system of the world to a more professional and confident system. This show that world will be more different in the world to come .

We expect we will have more innovations that comes with a great vision and more professional technology with advanced tools than we are now .

Globalization ; the spread of globalization in the world has influenced much people in various field like culture , science and so much more , even developing countries are influenced much to contributes something through the journey of innovations , that is how we expect more innovations in the world to come .

Interaction of different people in the world , the interaction of people between nations and nations will increase more ideas and innovations across common field of study , this will increase more energy and power in science and technology in the world .

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