The weather has changed and led to a rise in temperature from 28 °c to 35°c in the areas of Dar es Saalam

 In the region of Dar es Saalam the weather has changed where it has led to a large increase in temperature , this increase has caused a major change in climate changes in the entire region of Dar es Saalam.

One of the studies conducted on Friday showed that the increase in temperature in Dar es Saalam is caused by the large increase in population in the area , but statistics also show that Dar es salaam is surrounded by the sea which is one of the reasons that cause the increase in temperature in this rainy season .

Professional research shows that 50% in the region of Dar es Saalam, the temperature is increasing due to human activities carried out by these activities such as cutting down trees , charcoal and environmental pollution caused by some livestock in some areas in Dar es Saalam.

President Samia announces that Tanzania's climate issues should be addressed early so that they do not cause other health effects .

The youth commission responsible for the climate changes issues has said that ,it is  our responsibility to eradicate the climate changes problem's in our country and Africa in general .

Changes in climate behavior have been causing serious problems especially for infants , this problem has led to many deaths of children under the age of five .

In general , this issue requires many professional methods to reduce various death and harms that occur to many people.

The youth commission responsible for the climate change

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