We need to care our environment to prevent climate change

We need to care our environment to prevent climate disasters

 Climate change has been a problem to most African countries, the problems are increasing daily and a lot of organisms and people are dying because of climate change, It has lead to the increase of famine , air pollution, global warming and low rainfall in some African countries, we still need a lot of effort and services to prevent climate change disasters.

Caring our environment eloquently, we will reduce high accessibility of climate change to our environment. As you can see that in Tanzania there a lot of disasters in some region that are caused by natural calamities such as drought and global warming, this is actually caused by deforestation in some areas, thus we need high possibility to care our environment effectively, caring our environment it is like caring our health .If the environment is good actually even our health will be good .

In the past few decade Tanzania had moderate climate change condition it is because there were few human activities in various sectors and most of people were engaging in hunting activities and very few people were farmers .So in our current century the human activities have been increased in each sectors such as farming, charcoal burning , deforestation and so much more , all of this increase high accessibility of climate change.

Investment of money ;we need to invest a lot of money in climate change disasters, 30% of childrens are dying because of disease each year and this is only an estimate but it can be higher than that , since that percentage is very high and so we are loosing strong workforce of the country and the world in general.

Institutions should be established that could potentially deal with climate change disasters, this could save and reduce death to children and people that are dying because of disasters .

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology could also help to solve the problem of climate change in higher level .If we could use artificial intelligence means we will need a lot of experts and engineers to operate this programs activities very effectively .This could save some percentage in eradicating climate change disasters.

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