We need to work to improve environmental sanitation

Washing utensils at home

 Bad environment has been causing many diseases to many people in the world , for example stomach diseases , they have been very many , these disease have been caused by the dirt of household utensils especially cooking utensils, 50% of African countries especially in poor families , people have been dying because of the dirty use of household utensils .

A good environment protects human health . Tests conducted in 2023 confirmed that 50% of children die from stomach diseases caused by environmental pollution.

The use of modern instruments will help reduce environmental pollution especially vessels made with modern technology have high quality and a good system in keeping our environment in a better condition .

We need to creat a community that will help fight hygiene issues , the community will help educate housewives on how to take care of the environment effectively.

Environmental sanitation is a pillar in developing lives in a good environment .By innovating more tools will help fight against climate change to keep the environment in a safe state .

A friendly environment is what makes us innovate many things and many modern technologies . The responsibility of taking care of the environment belongs to everyone who breathes , sometimes we need to take care about the environment and take care of it more than anything, because a good environment is what makes us creat an elite society in the world.

Planting trees will help increase the good condition of oxygen  in the environment . A normal human being needs a lot of oxygen to live a safe live .

In general , environmental care is important in creating a good relationship between  society and our daily work . It also helps to creat a good community of aquatic and land creature on Earth.

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