A girl who loves exercise has reported that exercise is a source of increasing her creativity

A girl who loves physical exercise

 A 22_year _old girl has said that exercise is the source of increasing her creativity. The girl who likes physical exercise that gives her the ability to work , said today at the youth gym football field in Mwanza region.

" I like physical exercise , every time I wake up in the morning I like to exercise to keep my mind right for business and other activities " she said .

Physical exercise is a part of human life , so exercise puts us in a good state of our health and good human thoughts.

" My health is good because I like to do physical exercises that strengthen the strength of my body " she said.

" I have won $1000 after holding a physical exercise competition for my peers in Mwanza region" she posted a post on her Facebook page .

She continued to say that physical exercise is health and also employment like other jobs , so physical exercise gives me many benefits in my life .

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