The young man explains why he likes to be civilized

Explanation of civilization through image
Image by Michael Mussa(Mtemwa)

 " I will explain as a movie that my life in the world makes me civilized for many reasons like education , cooperation, knowledge and skills" he said .

He continued to say that my continuation is like a civilized bird that flies without fear , the world is just like a transition that prepares us to see another permanent world , so civilization makes me see many things of this world .

After being interviewed by the district chairman in Mwanza region, he said " The world is like an image or a sign to show us a permanent city where man must live forever"

After the last day of the interview with the district chairman passed , the young man was also lucky enough to meet spirit writers and they interviewed him and he said that the world is like a movie that prepares us to see the eternal world .

"Civilization is a courage that has a position in all worldly matters . Civilization sets me free and make me incredibly happy " he said .

He also said that the world is like a bad pond  that if you don't step carefully you drown without knowing it . Civilization is a secret courage with strength and energy to see far .

Life on Earth is a challenge, so civilization is like the ease of knowing many things, so life on Earth is like a movie that prepares us for a distant planet full of immeasurable perfection .

"Most of time I don't sleep because I'm at work all the time watching the world movie because it's a sign to show us the perfect life of another world " he said.

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