Why learning a computer is important

 Life has changed at every stage of life , so many businesses are held by technology, the increase in technology in the world has been able to create a new business system and new guide in science. Technology has brought up many things that have made human life easier from the olds stages to the modern stages .

Many researchers have been asking themselves questions that , will the computer be able to manage human life ? Will the computer be able to create a better world for everyone ? Will the computer exceed the human mind ? These are some of the questions many researchers have been asking themselves in their research statistics, but they say computers and AI technology will be able to change human life at every stage of life .

Computer holds a large part of the world, so reading and understanding it in detail is the best step in creating a good philosophy of good continuity , good computer training makes you free and run your business fluently.

Below are the benefits of studying computer:_

  • Computers help build and improve various people's businesses , computers play a big part in business. In our current century the unity of all businesses is made up of computers , so knowing the procedure of computer operation is a great advantage in promoting creativity and intellectual ideas .
  • Learning ,90% of people in schools use computers to run their reading and teaching life in a special flow .
  • Communication ; in communication the computer has been used to support the convergence of two or more topologies , for example , the computer has been used in areas such as telecommunication, data science , satellite, networking and so on .
  • In hospitals computer has been used to list patient data ,treat patients, surgery and x_rays operation for victims.
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