A 35 _year_old widowed mother said cooking is what makes her live in the city

A widowed mother who make her living for cooking food

 A widowed mother involved in cooking has explained that her cooking is what makes her live in the city .

She has said that despite having many challenges in life, her cooking has made him able to fight the challenges of life .

" I have a hotel that I made with the aim of raising my economy and my children , so that I can at least be able to provide my children with school needs as well as take care of their health " she said.

" At first , the challenges bothered me after my husband died of malaria , that's when I started thinking about life ! But my close friend advised me and told me to start dealing with the business of selling food in hotels , until now my life is going better than as  I  was living at the beginning" she said painfully .

She continued to say that the difficult life that I went through has made me live like a man , at first I could not live a life of struggle but the world has many things ,today you can succeed but tomorrow you can fail again , the important thing is to just stay strong and live well with people , because those are your help in life .

" There is no difficult life , if you decide and fight , every way you think in your head has a light to show you your real life . My widow and I believed that I will succeed in life , but these days I have a hotel house which earns me money every day " , she said.

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