A beautiful Tanzanian girl has explained why she likes her businesses that she was taught in her childhood

Tanzanian girl

 A beautiful girl and a Tanzanian businessman has explained how she is eager to build her own clothing company where she said that she has great ambitious to change her clothing business into a big company that makes good clothing products .

The 23_year_old beauty said she will use all her knowledge to complete her dream goals .

"My clothing business has taken me a long time , sometimes it was breaking my heart , but I believe that self_sacrifice is the right way to bring about all kinds of development", she said.

"When I was only in the seventh grade, I started my own clothing business with the help of my father , during that period my father took care of me and gave me the right guidance to succeed in business, until now I have been able to manage myself ", she explained.

When my father was in charge of me ,he told me many words that business is difficult! because it requires a spirit of dedication and hard work, so he urged me to be patient in anything when you are in a difficult time .

"My father's words have been a big pillar in my business development as they are increasingly driving me in a good guide but nevertheless I face many challenges in my clothing sales , but my father's words have made me brave in managing my affairs fully ", she explained happily .

She continued to say that many young people fail to develop their businesses, most of us lack the right guidance and the right steps that we need to follow to bring progress in our businesses.

"I am grateful for my father's training because it is a training that opened the right doors for my businesses, until now I have great expectations to open my own clothing company, because it is a business that my father taught me when I was nine  years old", she said . 

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