A resident of Bariadi village in Simiyu region has gone missing after entering the forest of wonders

Forest in Simiyu

 A women and a resident of Simiyu region has suddenly disappeared after entering a strange forests found in Simiyu region in Tanzania , the forest found in Bariadi village is one of the forest that is estimated to be a forest that is feared by many people in the world where people entering the forest disappear without returning again .

The women of two children who enter the forest to look for firewood has disappeared without even knowing completely.

A mother's family

The forest is one the forests that is estimated to have a good climate in Simiyu region where many people are interested in the condition of the forest , strangely if they enter the forest they disappear without returning.

Journalists interviewed the mother's family and said that " she went to the forest to find firewood for cooking but after conveying the news to the village chairman we decided to look for her but we did not see her " 

The young people of the village of Bariadi looked for him about two days but they did not manage to see him in some areas of Bariadi.

The executive of Bariadi village has said that it is good to warn all people who enter the village especially foreigners who come from different parts of the world.

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