The governor of Mwanza region has met with businessmen for tax matters

Mwanza region about tax issues

 The governor of Mwanza, Dr. Said Mtanda has met and held talks with some businessmen in the region with the aim of listening to their views on the ongoing businessmen's strike in Mwanza .

In his conservation , the head of the region has urged all businessmen who closed their shops to ensure that they open them of their own free will as the Mwanza regional government is ready to listen to their arguments .

Speaking immediately after listening to the businessmen who complain about the presence of high taxes from Mwanza city council , Mr. Mtanda said it is an obligation within the laws and foundations of our nation as a whole .

Mr. Mtanda has said that no nation can run itself without taxes , so the government has the ability to serve them and deliver projects to the people themselves , including the payment of taxes , but he also added that the challenges that are said to annoy them during tax collection will be addressed.

Mr. Mtanda has also said that if the businessmen want the tax laws to be changed , then they have to send their opinions so that the member of parliament can take them and work on them in the parliament because they are only body that can create and break the law effectively.


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