Let's write

 Most of time we think a lot of things in our mind and those things we call it as ideas , so whatever you think better ideas try to write it down , because it can be something which can bring a great idea with a big effects. So whatever we think let try to write it down , since it can be something important to our life .

Writing is a memory which can make you to remember your ideas that you keep on the book , writing it sometimes resemble as a practice of drawings a physical layout that will be used later for practical operations 

Keeping our ideas useful, whatever we note down something we keep our ideas as useful for later experimentation ,so let dig this practice usually to make our ideas more consistence to the current issues as the time go .

Expansion of brain, so writing has a measure effect to our bodies since it empower our brain with a better features and facility , that is why it come easier in writing series of thoughts for short period of time .

Let's write to increase our brain expansion

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