Getting sick is a very common matter if you have a lover that you love much

 For the beauty yo're fortunate 

You co_child 

Fragrance such as nard

If you touch me I feel faint

Meaning sweet is rampant and rampant

All over the body sweetness is spread

Like the downpour

Every time I see you mind is losing data 

As super drunk man 

If you leave me even a second

The beat is up fives times per second 

For my eyes your usual a new 

i.e you've captured me 

Resembles a fish trap

When I see you 

I get sick 

Eeeeh! I sick 

You really stole me for electric waso 

My baby Ooh! My baby 

i.e until am confusing

English words 

As the ignorant of era 

Actually baby is my pilot

Don't come let me down

I love you my baby forever

By © Mtemwapoetry .

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