Words of world science has a lot of insight to practical phenomenas

 Eyes staring 

Light and power of the earth 

That the science of the world is intelligence and knowledge ,

The entire circumference of the sphere 

Is made up of human mind 

The brain is the machine of the world 

Which adjusts every thing in the world 

Mind is more than money 

Intelligence can creat the atoms of water and become appearance items 

In the face of the Earth 

Able to travel into the air 

In the coming world 

Function search for knowledge 

Scanning for dreams and ability

The window is clear 

Every human has a gateways of knowledge 

Many people fail to realize that the mind is hidden in gala 

Your mind is the world science 

Full of imagination and foresight 

The world is enough for human experiment 

For providing natural benefits and functionality

Mind is the perfect machine of the world 

By ©Mtemwapoetry 

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