Ways you should do in order to build your mind

 In all days building of mind depend many things, so that to make the mind get more power and firms in making right decisions .The following are things needed in order to lift health of mind :_

Exercise , when you do exercise means that , mind get more power of thinking because the nerves system become more perfect in regulating good communication of the body .

Food , for instance fruits like bananas ,orange and other food like proteins ,when you use food like these , health of mind become in a good state of thinking things more easily and so it make you easier in making a quick exercise .

Writing , every day when you do exercise of writing articles or any things , the rate of thinking of mind expand more and the ability of thinking increase more and thus you will be in a good condition in building the health of mind .

Discussion ,when you make more regular discussion means that you get wide field and ideas of mind , when you discuss with people the interaction of ideas increase more and the ability of judging and interpretation of theories become more perfect ,and this is one of the reputation in the development of mind .

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