Diamond talks about a relevant plan and starts to relax like Jay Z

 Artist and entrepreneur Diamond platnumz has made clear his dream of life that he would like to live in shortly after retirement of  singing a music .

Diamond who in recent times has been traveling in various nations for show and family members, he said that he had to do this since not always will have that time forever.

Diamond settled in a nomadic arena in Tanzania a few hours after performing in Nairobi at the Octoberfest festival and said that tomorrow he would also be in the United States for his scissors .

The artist said he is sure to spend his time now so that the future will be as comfortable as the HipHop band from the United States. Jay Z who is currently reaping from what he has invested in music in the past .

"when you get your time  spent well . God gives you time , don't make him feel that I am giving up when someone is not good enough . Make God happy to see that he has given you a chance and you have used it well " Diamond said 

"when the time comes I will rest I will not sing forever .There is only time I want to calm down to enjoy my fruits like Jay Z . Now this is the end I gather truth and work effectively" Diamond made it clear why he had the abomination to fly from one country to another without having time to rest .

Will  remembered by the artist  for two months , now he has been in the continuation of Wasafi Festival in various regions of Tanzania .

In addition to the festival, Diamond has also had time to visit his family in South Africa to stay with his sons and Zari , before returning to Tanzania to continue  with the festival and also to Rwanda for the launch of Trace award , fly to Kenya and return to Tanzania for it's festival , all of that within a few days series .

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