Ten things can happen if you don't exercise for longer

 "Every human being must exercise daily to keep the body in good shape for the development of the brain and the whole body system " Said Dr sheikh.

Dr sheikh at Arusha airport said man should practice every single day to make the cell more efficient , also the human brain requires a wide range of work interactions to improve body and mental health to be stable .

He also went on to say that we humans are made of different ideas , and every human being has been given his important things that makes him live in this world.

Sometimes we miss the opportunity just a little because we fail to recognize the importance of our bodies ? and for how long ? We as humans  are advised to do a lot of exercises to identify the various opportunities of our bodies .

One of a journal published in 1990 explained that 90% percent of the human mind gains power through doing various things , such as practice , the environment and the appearance of the area , all of this contribute s to increasing knowledge in the human brain .

Dr sheikh did not end there  just saying that if the human body was inactive then it would suffer harm such as disease , creativity become small ,, negligence  añd body composition become weak .And this fact was confirmed by one great author who is Michael Mussa poetry said on his poetry lines 

"Body is shaped like a drawing

It can not stand properly if the design is missing ,

A notebook can not  be filled with text without pen and ink 

A mirror can not provide an image without the appearance of an object 

The plant can not grow without sunlight "

The author meant everything depends on the stimulus so that it could increase  it's speed over a reasonable period of time .

Then he said and concluded that humans can not proceed without stimulus to the whole body system, which is why we rely on so many things in our daily lives that helps us run our lives as required .

Expression of life and science development of human body

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