How do you use desire in your life?

 In our lives desire has been the most important niches in development of our life , because it force something to happen as it is , when you invest desire to a particular purposes, mean you pour more energy that is required to lift up the purposes of your plan .

If you think something is not going well , it is because you don't want to invest desire that could guide you to a good motion . Desire always go simultaneously with purposes, in any desire there is a purposes that transform energy from one point to another, so desire is there to uplift the human social realities includes , economy, political and social .

If you want to form desire you must have strategies, a desire is only achieved through strategic purposes ,thus why you can see that people with highly desire to perform something , are likely to get more result because they simply know how to inform life very sharped . For instance ,you only eat food if you have a desires, a weak desire would only produce weak result, I can say that this things is proportional to each other , so we need to have great purposes to

How desire work in life

achieve the best .

Desire is a real demonstration of life that can uplift you somewhere else for more decade .

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