The power of words

The book of words written makes a person look like it's words 

The power of words is more than the magnetic force of the moon 

Good words are poured out and make a person beautiful

Bad words are poured out and make a person dirty 

If you want to open the water filter the word works and sharpen the clean path as you thought

A person's bad word is similar to the hot Sparks that come into the body 

A good words is a blessing that comes into the body and makes the body aware 

Bad words, it tend to weaken the body 

Good words enriches the body in all aspects of life 

When a difficult journey begins, it is highly doubtful , but if you believe the word carries you and makes you win the war 

When you throw something up ,it often travel without fear 

This is because the word does 

If you do a word for fear it will die for all your affairs

Because you cursed yourself unknowingly

The word is not to play , be careful with the words of the people

Means they have different diverse power 

Wear your garment without fear because it is for you 

Your cowardly words will make you fail 

Believe your words in all works means they have the power to flow . 

Power of words and effect to human and development
The power of words.

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