The power of clothes in the body

 My permanent shirt 

Yes , it protects my body 

It has many years at the moment

Protects all the physical empire 

And make the body confident 

My shirt gives me confidence even  if I haven't eaten

I see it well the world

I'm not afraid because my shirt protects me everyday,

And make me live and happy 

Rich telling me poor 

My shirt opposes them with strong arguments 

With strong solidarity and solidarity

I see no darkness and shame 

Meaning I am protected by a shirt 

Internal temperature does not appear in the event

Stays inside to maintain internal nutrients

My shirt ,even if it is wet , it doesn't tell me !

Meaning is created for mental material

The beauty of this garment contradicts even the rays of light 

When  wind blowing the shirt  doesn't shake

Because it has a united power 

Holding a shirt on all sides of the square

The shirt ratio is close 

You can't see it quickly

Dirt dissappears from time to time

To ensure the health of the shirt is good at protecting the physical empire perfectly.

Function of shirt in life , philosophically,physically and mentally.

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