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 Online store is a place where we import and sell products for profit as well as better customer interaction with the seller .The following are the steps we must follow as we sell our products through online store ;_

Be honest , when you sell a product you need to know and creat high trust to keep your business going on the right statistical line .

Have the best products that interest customers ,the best product is the bulk of sales , if your products are good they will have a huge impact on customers and so you will be able to take advantage of them that will make you happy in your life .

Have a good relationship, customers often like a good relationship that will make them trust your business, that it's really valid ? or is it temporary? The relationship forms the most solid foundation in business.

Discounts , after knowing your customers the next thing you should know is a discount , discounts tend to form the best foundation for all types of online business because it maintains daily customer presence on your domain .

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