Thoughts have power to influence every thing in the world.

 When I travel  , I think of  thoughts that , thoughts will make us see the better motion of our minds , since when we generate we leave a space that act as refresher thoughts .In this world thoughts it's like properties or something with value .when you find someone has a good thoughts means that, that person has something to contribute to world development.

When I was traveling in Dar es Saalam I met with people with good vision then I told them  "let do something" , they agreed to join with me , then we started working it was about developing software for receiving payment. The idea was good and it correctly that is how you can see that thoughts have value to make the world development effectively.

No matter how much challenge we face but struggling is a power which can push something to be as it was supposed to go .when we get vision or thoughts we need to generate effect with that particular time so we can prepare a new thoughts again , mathematically we say good thoughts is proportional to a specific time being generated , example if you could have a piece of paper then you drop it on oil fats the piece of paper would change permanently at that time .

So as we have thoughts let's use fast , since a new thoughts always has proper effect , it is like how the piece of paper changed permanently after dropping in oil fats .

Generating thoughts

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