The power of education on the planets

 I have closed my eyes 

But still the eyes feel the sun in the eye of the eye 

Light passes through the smell until inside the eye of the eye 

Looking up at me in heaven

The mind sees the heavenly things for the consumer

It is filled with educational awareness in it 

Knowledge has remained as the throne of the world

Lion loves to stay together

To ensure their knowledge have balance

If you want to make a foundation, you must have knowledge

The text of the tree is read with knowledge

And human dreams are translated into knowledge

Knowledge is the ruler of all

Knowledge stand as the lights of the earth

The sticks of the earth are translated into light 

In the wild there is so much you don't know

But lion sees it all

For he watches around the rest of the wild

And exposes the second part of the area 

Lion uses a lot 

His curiosity measures many in seconds

And analyze them in one phase 

To bring the benefits in a timely manner

Gently as the dove 

Knowledge is the world's largest lion 

Mechanism of light in the world
The light of the world

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