A beautiful 24 __year __old complaining of not finding a boyfriend .

A beautiful complaining about lacking a boyfriend

 A pretty girl with a skill in the nursing profession has surprised many in social networks after claiming that despite all the beauty she has , no man has ever followed him to be a lover for four years now .

That beauty girl decided to seek comment services for one online user who published people's problems to get feedback from social networking users .

The beauty was found to be 24 years old and beautiful enough to insist on the white colour of her skin __colours that are thought to impress many men __but she is also a man with a professional skill , what only worries her is not finding a boyfriend .

" This has been very confusing and I would like to hear people's comments about I __I  am 24 _year _old , white __skinned and beautiful , I am also a health provider , what I do not understand is that many men do not want me " she said 

The beauty is over__expressing and saying that she has been without a partner since 2019 

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