Foods that you should eat a day in your life

 In the human body , foods are the most needed ingredients in the human body . The following are foods that are needed in general to maintain human nutrition;_

Fruits , eg , orange , mangoes ,papaya and pineapple, these are the most valuable foods in the human body for the purpose of increasing water , vitamin C and so on .

Meat , is needed to some extent in the human body for the purpose of assisting in the addition of cells to the body and making dead cells alive .

Starch food eg , corn , beans , sorghum, these are foods that are used to increase body strength for making the body's muscles stronger as well as the entire body system .

Fatty foods , for example nuts , sunflowers are used to soften the body's organs so that they can be used effectively in their normal state.

So all kinds of food have it's part in the human body and the specialized work in the body .

Food that are used to build the body

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