Development of programming languages for years to come

 Every day scientist , engineers and programmers work to look at the trends and future things that will happen . Years ago programming languages was at normal stage but so far programming language has increased the process from one point to another , and so we will rely more on later years there will be greater reliance on the production of other scientific languages.

As the world and technology change it causes a great change in technology and science , so it makes mathematician and scientist to discover other things that will be compatible from the moment .

As people increasingly discover new technologies and new ideas are increasing , that will cause more technologies to be produced , so older technologies will lack the ability to withstand and will reduce the power of life for decades. 

The development of programming languages will add great success to science , even mathematician will have a great opportunity to discover world science that will last for many years , therefore the mathematician relationship with the programmer will be almost at all stages of development .

Let us remember  , our reading is a powerful weapon that improves even the concepts that have the least market and is transformed into the best , each programming languages will produce a different language that will be detected on the first language.

Always the perfect eye sees a lot and that is how we will see the concepts that will be discovered later .

Mtemwapoetry and programming languages
Programming languages 

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