A major disaster occurs in the district of Hanangi Manyara , Tanzania

 A major disaster occurs in Hanangi district in Manyara in Tanzania .The disaster was caused by an increase in heavy rainfall that led to the land slide of Mount Hanangi .

It is estimated that fifty people have lost their lives , but also 75 people are casualties continue with treatment for keeping their health in their normal state .

The rain hit the Hanangi mountain and caused a heavy toll that went into demolishing people's homes until it resulted in many deaths and many livestock being destroyed .

Communication chief Zuhura Yunus said today December 5 , "the issue of heavy rain in Hanangi district has caused even communication to cut off , since the heavy toll on the road has blocked the way , so it has led to the rescue taking more time than usual " 

The Tanzanian government has said it will provide assistance to the Hanangi district in lifting all those affected by the rain disaster .

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