Ten ways to understand a woman

Relationship between man and woman

 Understanding a woman taking time to learn about herself, appreciating their differences and building good communication .

Often a woman can express her feelings in different ways than a men , and so it can be important for men to understand and respect those ways of communication and to understand what they think and feel .

Learn more about a woman through these tips:_

Listen honestly ; listen carefully when talking to a woman . Work hard to understand her feelings and thoughts without interrupting or giving answers ahead of time.

Respecting her position ; a woman may need her personal space and time alone with her friends . Have an understanding to respect that and provide an opportunity that can build a good relationship.

Open communication ; a woman loves open communication , so make sure you express yourself well and also give her the opportunity to express herself without fear .

Look at her actions ; when a woman is disgusted she may be less likely to tell you but is more likely to tell you , for some reason, they feel you should discover that yourself .

Do not rush to solve their problems , as many men encounter woman problems sometimes rush to use their power to solve problems . Sometimes women have no problems, but they just need someone to listen her .

Women want to be valued for their outward beauty and characteristics . However they like to hear them being told how beautiful they are .

Expresses their needs in an indirect , this may be by giving a signal or expressing their needs in a way that is not entirely clear . Although it may like a challenge , it sometimes does so to maintain a sense of attraction and clarity in the relationship matters .

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