Can AI be profitable in 2024 ?

The benefits of AI in 2024

 AI has been used for some years , a lot of researches have been conducted and showing that AI will still profitable in 2024 , since around 88% of the companies use AI to run their businesses effectively , the following are the reasons that shows that AI will be profitable in 2024 :_

AI has become the best tool that has been used   by the  most people in higher demands , around all sectors in the world use AI to process their activities more efficient . This is one of factor which indicates that AI will still profitable in 2024 .

Content creation, if you try to do some researches , you could find so many people are using AI in their content creation process, eg  , writing long content , collecting errors and so on . This also indicate that AI will still profitable in 2024 .

In agriculture , nowadays farmers use AI to determine the best seeds that could be profitable for planting and agricultural activities , this help them get more crops , because they use mindful scientific procedure through the use of AI process .

Museum and historical events ; AI is widely used , so in history we use AI to determine the age of a certain historical object such as Stone age ,human bones and iron ages . All those we use AI to determine the age and duration of historical objects and events in which were created .

In general AI will only be profitable in 2024 because it cover a broader selection of various field in the world.

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