Developing genius through exercise

 Have you ever notice that genius can be developed through exercise or any practice you do ? In this article I would like to share with you some experiences , In order for a mind to vibrate it requires a lot of catalyst which can keep thoughts and stimulus vibrate in mind , so the state of genius is developed through reasoning , thinking , exercise and so on .

Mind will keep expanding , if and only if,  you will keep exercising it , some people do not think strong ideas in the real world , it is because they lack the faculty of self exercise of their body , mind will only grow if you keep exercising it , however you will be adding more efficiency and effectiveness of mind development , the way you practice the way you increase effectiveness of your mind .

We always say exercise make more perfect , this is truly true , human being exhibits a lot of function in their body and so all parts of the body need exercise to stimulate the cells formation of the whole body .

Exercise stimulates clear communication of the body , Exercising your mind will ensure good communication of the body between brain and the spinal cord as well as all nerves systems associated with communication mechanisms .

The health of mind is activated much through testing , physical interactions ,and challenges , all this contribute to the huge development of genius state .

If you use the physics law that , " in any motion there is a friction , here you can get a clear meaning that , anything requires catalyst to ensure good developmental .This is similar to mind development during creation of genius state .

Development of genius state through walking
Developing genius state through walking long distance .

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