Three students form a professional community

Students form a professional community

 In the past few days , students of the university of Dar es salaam succeeded in creating professional community that aimed to strengthen, talents , science , technology, economy  and health medicine.

This community was created by three talented students with a great desire to make progress in the world, these students are students of the university of Dar es salaam studying medicine and engineering .

Despite being interviewed by journalists, they said that  " our goals are to achieve development in society ,we have created our community to raise the efficiency of our college in Dar es Saalam at the level of science and technology ", they said .

These students with big dreams and interests to raise their thoughts contained in their minds are implementing their philosophy that they created to bring progress fluently .

They also continued to say that " life is a partnership , without cooperation there is no continuity , our intention to creat a community is to expand ideas to our institution that we have and the world " , they said .

However , we will continue to add other experts with the same ideas as ours to raise our science more globally .

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