Philosophy and human __derived words are there to make the world a better place to live .

The importance of words

Human_  derived words are powerful to make the world

 Words are powerful and every word makes a person like a word . We often like to read books to increase knowledge because the words in the book change a person from their situation and become like the words .

The basis of words is to create the real thing contained within the word .The word is excellent and creates one's interpretation to be positive.

When I speak to friends I am always careful with the words I receive from friends , because sometimes when you receive all the baseless words you can lose even your things in mind .

There are some bad words and they are not fertile for human health , when you listen to a word from certain people, listen to that word but don't get it into your mind until you do some research , so that you do not compromise your mental health and your quality.

People's words can make you uncomfortable with your dream , so every time you make something share your mind so that it can make a contribution to the thing you do .In doing so you will be assuring yourself the best continuity of your life .

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