Great foundation that has been established for science learners who are passionate to make something changes in the world.

 In the past few decade , Tanzania had no any foundation for science learners who are passionate to make something in the world, but now there so many foundations that has been established for the purpose of empowering young youths who are passionate about doing something in the world , and these could help the learners or students to develop their expertise to the next level.

The foundation is aiming  to develop the talents and ability of various students in Tanzania  who are passionate to make something in the world. This foundation it will help those people who have some ideas and they want to send it to the next level .

Having an idea is not a case , the matter is how you could progress it ? Some of people have a great ideas but they fail to achieve those  ideas due to lack of technological equipment that could potentially help them to achieve their dreams .

Idea is a seed that when we plant we get something for benefits, that is why we need to creat foundations that could develop source to destiny with a huge success.

Caring thoughts make more success , if we care our thoughts , it is like caring the world to be in better place . So the development of great foundation could make great development in the country and beyond.

So the students will be in better position of presenting their ideas clearly in the world.

Science foundation for development

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