A famous artist from Tanzania , Irene Uwoya has said that expressing gratitude toward yourself and helping other people is something essential

Famous artist from Tanzania

 The renowned bongo film Craftsman , Irene Uwoya has said that helping other people who can't help themselves is something key in the improvement of life .

The Craftsmen known for making great bongo film works said those words that even he carried on with them in his day to day existence .

He expressed this in the wake of posting a post on Facebook, he said  "thankful yourself and helping other people is major to local area improvement"

The place of this craftsman has been perfect in convincing individuals to a particular position and method , particularly for youngsters who are searching for a day to day existence.

In any case, he has likewise been making acts of kindness that show the local area in the lead of good happy loaded with training and skill locally , all of which have made him a decent good example locally and the world overall.

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