For what reason mightn't the human psyche at any point tackle troublesome issues like a PC ?

An alum studying about computer science

 Many inquires have been arising because of the incredible improvement of science as it proceeds , individuals are taking care of serious issues of inquires for example, Pcs , human and PC connections are different on all underlying issues .

Human capacity and believing is extremely perfect , each easily overlooked detail in the human psyche has the ability to cause numerous logical things that to have no closure .

Each and every piece that is in the human psyche its responsibility is to empower large things to be made in a superior framework. The human psyche framework is not quite the same as the PC framework, That is the  reason even the capacity to settle questions covers a ton .

The little that is in the human brain has no limitation in considering new logical things, the creations made by the human psyche transform words into the light matter .The substances in the human brain are unique in relation to the substances contained in the PC and in this manner the substances contained in the PC can be created two times however much those that are in the human psyche that can't be delivered more since they are regular.

The capacity of the body to feel the question of something in the psyche makes the body joined in the acknowledgement of different things, so every correspondence of the body is perceived by the brain, yet the PC can't detect without stream of electrons in a lead materials.

An alum of the college of Dodoma who concentrated on science was posed an inquiry and responded to that the human psyche has an extraordinary light in making twofold things that can do things Twofold . The human brain resembles a seed that when established produces many harvests .

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