A girl rejects her boyfriend because he is not progressing in life .

A girl rejects her boyfriend

 A beautiful girl has rejected her boyfriend because he has no home or any progress in life . She has said that she cannot live with a male friend who has no progress .

"It is better to remain alone than to have a male friend who has no progress " she said .

A girl is known to be a good writer of love poems . So she has sent one of her poems that she does not want to live with him forever .

The young man who was rejected remained in a strange surprise that poverty is bad . Despite flattering his girlfriend , but she refused her .

The girl said that it is better for me to go further so that I can stand my own life  "I am tired of staying with a man who has no money , all the time he depends on me , he is not busy or looking for money "

"I am a girl child , I need to do my duties as a wife and not carry the responsibility of a man " she wrote on her Instagram page .

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