Experiments are a fundamental factor in the development of science and technology

 Experiments are step by step that a person does to achieve a certain goal . A test is a basis that strengthens human thoughts and more forces more fully . When these experiments are done , a person raises many technical sources and many answers to the issue that expert is dealing with.

A scientist can not reach the point of being called a scientist without an experimental test , in an experiment there is a special secret that reveals the truth or lies of a scientist . The steps we go through in thoughts tests are enhanced through experiments.

We measure any thoughts of a doctor, engineers ,writers and developers through tests . Writing content that holds people's heads and desires we say is a technique .The ability to make a good philosophy of matter with experimental system, we say it is expertise. That is why everything that is realistic inside is measured by experiments . You can not be a good football player without exercises , this fact is the same as the development of scientists , engineers and writers .

Experiments keep a person clean in mind , mentally , physically and with good quality of living with people . Have you ever wondered why a child starts crawling and not standing ? because the coordination of man and his thoughts follow steps in order like a planets and if he succeeds in skipping one step without a specific flow , the continuation must have serious consequences. Experiments are a tool to keep human thoughts eloquently.

Experiments make a person see further , because when you do an experiment there are many things you get , that's how you expand a lot of knowledge . If you look back at the history of man or other animals , you will find that the experiments is what made man able to live a good and elegant life .

Experiments is like the source of development . Most of the things that are discovered are because of the many experiments that are done twice to reveal the truth of the matter , the big historical statistics show that experiments have brought the world far and the world is still progressing because of the number of experiments are done by man . All stages of experimentation and their flow are the secret of scientific progress.

All difficult  theoretical developments are softened by experiments , because experiments simplify the truth of matter . We always say that complex sentences are corrected by analysis ,so theoretical words are corrected experimentally .

Thoughts without trying are equal to zero and knowledge without action is zero , so we need to hold our thoughts no matter how small they are , because experiments are there to develop our small thoughts and become bigger , do not hesitate to try even if your thoughts are small , because God has given man the best ideas that make him live in this world .

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