A young man has been given a gift after taking the first place in photography in Tanzania

A young man has received gift for his good photography

 A young man was given a gift of $20000 dollars after being the best photographer of the year in Tanzania.

This gift was given by the Tanzania Arts council. The young man is an expert in making good pictures that attract many people in the country and the world in general.

He said that photography art is like the ability he has that's why he does good things in  terms of photography art.

The young man he also been a source of attracting many young people to focus on photography art .

After receiving the gift , the young man has decided to spread his work  on various platforms such as Gumroad and Ecwid in order to increase the sales of his work more globally.

He concluded by saying "  Art preserves history, culture and protects the content of the society for years and years " 

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