Tanzania to strengthen commercial relations with Comoros

A business relations with Comoros

 NMB bank has said that its central goal is to keep fortifying the connection among Tanzania and Comoro as it is the bank's central goal to expand the degree of exchange between the two nations .

In the 49th anniversary of the country's independence of Comoros organized by the Comoros embassy in Tanzania with the sponsorship of NMB bank , the head of the  marketing and communication department of NMB bank , Rahma Mwapacha said that the bank appreciates the value and heritage of the country .

NMB bank has aimed to expand the network of funds to bring in more of its income between the two countries where its goal is to ensure that the economy rises to the right stage of development .

"The government of Tanzania will continue to cooperate with the government of Comoros to increase close relations for the benefit of the Nation and that the level of trade between Tanzania and Comoros had increased from 6.76 million Us dollars in 2001 to 54 million dollars in 2023 ", Mudrick Ramadhan .

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