The joy of laughing adds a new day and energy

The benefits of laughing

 Every human being is created with different organs and skills in his body . The act of laughing is an important act in the human body and makes the body in its equilibrium state . The following are the benefits of laughing ;_

It increases joy of the heart , the act of laughing excites and reduces negative thought in the mind . When you laugh you vomit the difficulties in the heart and instill joy in the heart .

It removes pain from the heart , one of the benefits of laughing is to make the heart in its normal heartbeat , so the distribution of blood will always be in a good condition for the whole body .

It increases good feelings of thought ,every human being is advised to be happy even if he is stressed, this brings a lot of comfort and good psychological thoughts as well as good mental philosophy .

It maintains good information about the body's communication system, when you laugh or  have fun you make the body's communication system have good physical communication.

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